Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Sweet Little Pooh Bear

Such a Cute Little Guy!
Perhaps the thing that struck me most about Nathan Peak was his cute little glasses combined with his contagious little smile; it always seems like the little guys that hurt the most wear the biggest smiles.

Little Nathan Peak was a warrior of sorts. He had been dealt a rough combination of Hydrocephalus, Spina Bifda, CP and blindness. And as if that weren't enough, sweet little Nathan  suffered a stroke at 6 months of age and was eventually in stage 2 respiratory failure. It is more than any child or parent should have to endure...but they seem to have made the best of it that they possibly could.

When I first met Christina, Nathan's mother, she had a smile just as beautiful as Nathan's. Despite all of the pain and heartache she and her husband were feeling inside, they were ready to place a memorial for their sweet son and they had an idea of what they were looking for: a black teddy bear in honor of their little "Pooh Bear".

Mom and Dad with their little Pooh Bear

It's easy to see why his parents affectionately called him Pooh Bear- he's just a precious little squeezable bundle of cuddles and love. Of course it is difficult to sum up such a beautiful life on just one memorial, so the family chose to focus on Nathan's personality and character traits that truly defined who he was. After considering several design ideas, they decided that a teddy bear memorial would be the perfect tribute for their little Pooh Bear.

When the family mentioned they were interested in a teddy bear for Nathan, we were able to show them pictures of similar bears we had done in gray and begin to work on a design specifically for Nathan's memorial. Once we determined what the monument was going to look like, we placed an order to have the specially cut and polished. When the shape was complete we were finally able to bring this little bear to life and turn him into a beautifully timeless memorial for one sweet little Pooh Bear.  

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