Thursday, April 28, 2011

Preserving a Slice of History

This past weekend my husband and father-in-law took me to a remote civil war memorial near New Edinburgh, AR. Now, I will admit, I am not as educated in the Civil War as those who grew up in the Deep South or near a battle field. However, after visiting the Marks Mill State Park, I am very interested in learning more and returning to the site when we have more time to really study the memorials.

The Marks Mill State Park features numerous memorials (most of which are engraved into granite) to commemorate the battle that took place and preserve history for generations to come. It is truly a neat little place to visit and I wanted to share what they have done. It is worth noting that Emerson Monument Company did not make or erect any of the memorials at the Marks Mill State Park. However, we are certainly capable of creating monuments such as these to memorialize any family or historical site.

Marble upright Veteran's memorials. These may have been issued by the Veteran's Administration or made to duplicate those that are typically issued by the VA.

Georgia Gray polished 2 (meaning only the front and the back are polished and the top and sides are rough) oval top monument with Vermarco lettering. A red lithichrome paid was also used on the text "The battle had begun!" This memorial was placed upon a tall brick base.

This exhibit boasts several engraved memorials. While some of the memorials are Georgia Gray slants, others are engraved Georgia Gray tiles that have been layed into a rock or brick structure.
This appears to be a Dakota Mahogony oval top stone with vermarco lettering.

This memorial appears to be Academy Black with vermarco lettering and other decorative engravings. It stands on top of a white brick base.