Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Custom Tribute, Post 1

What a blessing it is to work with families and create stunning memorials that truly capture who they are and what they were "all about"!  And while it is SO difficult to truly capture a life story on one single piece of stone, the Reeves family has done a great job of honoring the husband, father and son that they love and miss.

Franklin & Anita Reeves memorial.
Racing was a family affair at the Reeves' home.  It was a sport that Franklin was passionate about and his wife, Anita, was supportive of.  In fact, even the kids got involved, eventually earning them the title of "Reeves Racing pit crew"!  As I sat and listened to Anita passionately describe her husband...and the father that he was...and the abilities he had...I couldn't help but to suggest a memorial that featured the car- a piece of their lives that the family enjoyed together.

After much discussion and planning, it was decided that we would use an actual racing photo that, I believe, was taken by Franklin & Anita's daughter.  If you look closely below at the space just behind the back window, you will notice the words "Pit Crew" followed by the Reeves' family's names.  

Original photo provided by the family.
When we received the photo we immediately had it cropped and enlarged to fit a double stone.  This part was tricky because we had to ensure that the car would enlarge without losing the level of detail that we desired.  But it all worked out!  Calculations were then made to determine the exact size of the stone and the positioning of every cut to ensure the stone would be an exact fit to the image.  Once that was done, we sent a series of proofs to the family for them to review and change until they had it just the way they wanted it. 

Final proof.

Once we had a final approval from the family it was time to begin etching. Of course the first photo I posted is a photo of the semi-complete stone. It was laser etched and, at this point, is awaiting lettering on both the front and the back.

What a beautiful tribute!

Placed in the Cemetery!
At Emerson Monument Company there is nothing we love more than to help families design and create lasting tributes in honor of their loved ones.   

Monday, September 12, 2011

In the News...

The spotlight was on Emerson Monument Company in the September issue of the MB News!

Emerson Monument Company recently teamed up with Love Ashes to create an afordable alternative to pricey cemetery cremation memorials.

While many families choose to simply bury their loved one's cremains and erect a headstone, just as they would if their loved one was buried traditionally, some families choose to go a different route. These families may choose to place a small quantity of their loved one's cremains in the cemetery and then keep a majority of them at home where they may be safeguarded for years to come. Now, thanks to Emerson Monument Company and Love Ashes, families can do that in a whole new way!

Beautiful Adornments are vibrant dichroic glass tiles that contain a small portion of a loved one's ashes. They utilize an industrial strength 3M tape to adhere them to the back of granite memorials and look absolutely amazing in the sunlight.

This stunning memorial was made by Emerson Monument Co. and utilizes one of our Beautiful Adornments in honor of a son who had passed away. Here the Beautiful Adornment gave a family the flexibility to to include the son's memorial with that of the parents.

We are proud to have teamed up with Love Ashes to offer new and unique products to the customers we serve.