Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Engraving- What Makes it Different.

Did you know there are several different methods that are currently used to engrave monuments? And while there isn't truly a right or wrong way of engraving a memorial, each monument company typically utilizes a technique that is unique to their organization and, thus, distinguishes their work from anyone elses.

Single Processing.

Single processing is utilized by many monument companies in an effort to save time and money. What they do is cover the monument with a rubber stencil and then remove the pieces of stencil that create the text. Once the stencil is removed, they sandblast the text and fill the sandblasted letters with mud or clay. They then remove the pieces of stencil that create the panels and sandblast them, wash out the mud, and consider themselves done. This process creates slightly rounded edges on the letters, thus eliminating a crisp, clean font.

Double Processing.

At Emerson Monument Company we utilize a technique commonly referred to as Double Processing. While this process does require more time and effort, we believe that it works to create a crisp, clean letter that is easily recognized from it's single-processed counterparts.

This technique, while largely considered an art of the past, is the process of applying a rubber stencil to the granite and then removing the panel portions first. We then sandblast the panels and then very carefully replace the stencil on top. We then remove the stencil from the text and sandblast it. This is referred to as double processing because the stencil touches the granite on two separate occasions.

At Emerson Monument Company we believe that, by double processing our monuments, we are providing the highest quality product to our customers at all times.