Thursday, September 17, 2015

Mixing Granite Colors

Go out to any cemetery and you will typically see a pattern with memorial colors: You'll see a the same colored tablet with the same colored base with the same colored flower pots. It's a tradition that has been carried down through the decades and really looks great! The Evans monument in this photo is made from Impala Black Granite and features a custom shape-carved border around the bottom. It also features Impala Black Granite vases to compliment it.                                                                                
One way you can add interest to your loved one's memorial without breaking the bank is by mixing granite colors. Granite, as  you know from our previous post, comes in countless colors. While not all granite colors are suitable for memorial use due to their grain patterns and density, it is fun to play with the colors and create a unique memorial that stands out for all the right reasons!                                                                           The McCollough monument in this photograph is one of our favorite memorials because it is done tastefully and in a manner that really highlights the beauty of the stone. Here we have used a Georgia Gray granite that has a sawn finish. That basically means that the granite is not polished and shiny. You can think of it as a matte finish if you like. We paired the stone with all polished black vases that help bring out the black paint in the lettering on the stone. 

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