Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Memorial Day, 2012

I love visiting with folks about their Memorial Day traditions. In fact, the more I visit, the more I learn that the older generation was raised going out to the cemetery on Memorial Day and really celebrating. They would sit under covered pavilions in their lawn chairs and visit with kin-folk and friends alike; the ladies would bring the food while the men would bring their weed eaters and lawn mowers. All in all, the day was devoted to remembering loved ones and offering a display of respect by decorating their graves and cleaning up around them.

Today many cemeteries still have what they call "Decoration Day" that may be held on Memorial Day weekend or another designated day in the spring or summer. The Veteran's groups still go out and place small flags on Veterans' graves while families work to make their loved ones' memorials look fresh and "springy". Decoration days are my absolute favorite to visit the cemetery because everything looks so fresh and lovely! here is something so peaceful about going to the cemetery and seeing all of the beautiful monuments adorned with flowers, trinkets, notes and more. And there is also something so "old-timey" feeling about seeing folks gathered under the pavilion, sharing memories and making new ones.

This year Memorial Day falls on Monday, May 28. For those who have recently lost a loved one, or have lost a loved one and have yet to erect a memorial, the deadline to order monuments from Emerson Monument Company with a guarantee of having them placed in the cemetery by Memorial Day is April 15.

For those who have beautiful monuments in the cemetery, now is the time to begin thinking of your floral arrangements. Some tricks to making your cemetery arrangements work are:
  • Use plenty of florist foam in the vase to ensure your vase arrangement will not blow away in the wind.
  • Secure saddles by tying one end of the fishing line to each metal saddle "throng" and the other end to a tent stake. Drive the stakes into the ground. This will prevent it from flying away in the wind.
  • Try spraying arrangements with a clear laquer finish to prevent fading in the sun. (actually, it won't prevent it but it will delay the process).
  • Contact a local florist to make and place an arrangement in the cemetery on your behalf if you live out of town or are unable to visit the cemetery.