Thursday, August 27, 2015

What The Color Says

Recently I had a sweet family in that was interested in purchasing a memorial for their mother. They wandered around the showroom, checking out our different styles and designs, when they asked an interesting question.

"We want a color that shows she was bold. Do you have anything bold?"
I sat and thought for a moment and in donned on me that I had spent a considerable amount of time studying the symbolism on monuments, but I had not necessarily studied how a combination of both color and symbolism can offer a very powerful depiction of one's life and life story.

So I set out to learn about colors and what their selection may say about a person, and I wanted to share my findings with you.

Blue. The two most popular blue granites that we deal with are Blue Pearl and Bahama Blue.

Blue Pearl Granite
Blue pearl gets it's name from the it's pearly specks of blue. It really sparkles in the sunlight and looks so much prettier in person than it does in this sample photo on the blog!

Bahama Blue
The second blue that we carry is called Bahama Blue. Contrary to it's name, Bahama Blue does not come from the Bahamas. (That is disappointing, I know!) This blue really varies in appearance and can look rather gray in the sunlight depending upon the stock that is selected. It also has streaks and/or dots of purple throughout.

Based on the information I have found online, blue can indicate a personality that includes the following character traits:
Peaceful - Stable - Calm - Confident - Tranquil - Sincere - Affectionate - Having Integrity
Ebony Mist Granite
Black. Believe it or not, there are countless variations of black granite! The difference in the black colors lies in the grain and also in the color combinations. So you may see black with a misty gray throughout such as Ebony Mist.

Or, you may see a black granite with "gold" specs throughout called Gold Star Black.

Gold Star Black Granite

Of course there are many, many options when it comes to black granite (too many to list on the blog!), but black can indicate the following character traits:
Sophisticated - Powerful - Mysterious - Formal - Saavy


Gray. There are several gray granites to choose from, with our most popular being the classic Georgia Gray. Our Georgia Gray granite comes from Elberton, GA. You will notice it is primarily gray with a smattering of black and white fine grain dots throughout the stone.   This color can change in appearance depending upon if the stone is polished, sawn, dusted, frosted, or honed. It is a classic color and frequently found in cemeteries, especially in the south. Gray can indicate the following character traits:
Stable - Secure - Strength of Character - Authoritative - Mature
Pink. There are several rose or pink colored granites to choose from, with each color looking very different from the others.

Chapel Rose Granite

 When a family comes in requesting pink granite, the granites available versus their expectations may vary wildly. Because granite is a natural stone, there is no "hot pink" or "pastel pink" to choose from.
Two of our most popular pinks are Morning Rose and Chapel Rose.

Morning Rose Granite

Pink can indicate the following Character Traits
Beautiful - Sensitive - Compassionate - Faithful - Friendly - Romantic - Loving & Kind

India Red Granite
Of course you are probably wondering what color the family I referenced at the beginning of this blog post chose. You'll recall they wanted something BOLD.
And, after learning more about their mother, we decided that an India Red Granite would be most appropriate.
Character traits most commonly indicated by Red are:
Loves Danger - Passionate - Daring - Romantic - Stylish - Excited - Energetic
There are so many granite colors to choose from, that I couldn't possibly include them all in this blog post. However, if you are interested in creating a memorial that tells your loved one's unique story, give one of our professional memorial counselors a call and we will be glad to help!