Thursday, November 10, 2011

Keeping Your Vases from Freezing

Granite vases are fantastic for keeping flowers at your loved one's grave.  However, they do tend to be a little bit of a maintenance issue if they are not tended to in the fall and winter.  Why?  Because water may accumulate in the vases if their drain holes are clogged.  Then, when freezing temperatures hit, the water will freeze, expand and bust the vase.  With that being said, a common question folks ask around this time of year is how to keep their vases from freezing and busting.

At Emerson Monument Co. we always recommend that you go out to the cemetery with a coat hanger or other narrow object and thoroughly clean out your flower pots as winter draws near.  Doing this will ensure that debri is not clogging the vase's drain hole.  Once the vase has been cleared, there are several different ways to ensure your granite vases remain in tact through the winter.  Common approaches include:

  • Consider placing a coffee filter or florist foam inside the vase.  This will prevent the drain hole from being directly blocked.
  • Consider placing a plastic zip bag on top of the vase and securing it tightly with a rubber band.  This will prevent water from getting in. 
  • Consider purchasing a metal vase insert to protect the vase (cost is approximately $20 and may be ordered at Emerson).
Many are often surprised to learn that there is not a good way to fix a broken vase.  We have experimented with Gorilla Glue, Super Glue, Epoxy, Vase Tape and other forms of adhesive and have not found one that will hold a vase together for a speakable period of time.  Therefore, the only solid way to correct a broken vase is to completely replace it.

Have a question about preventing the vase from clogging or replacing a busted vase?  Email us and we'll be glad to help!

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