Saturday, March 12, 2011

Marking Graves

Yesterday Emerson Monument Company had the pleasure of placing new granite markers at the Spade Mountain Cemetery in Adair County, Oklahoma.
Years ago - no, decades ago- families would bury their loved ones in Spade Mountain Cemetery and then mark their graves with homemade headstones. These stones typically consisted of sand or lime stone that had been engraved by hand. And while these stones are invaluable slices of history, they are becoming difficult to read.

Determined not to lose the memory of each individual buried in the cemetery, the Spade Mountain Cemetery Board chose to have each individual's grave marked with a fresh new stone while still keeping the old stone in tact. What a great way to preserve history!

If you are a board member, geneology enthusiast or interested family member who desires to preserve or mark historical graves, please contact us for information on our "Mark Every Grave" program.

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