Monday, January 24, 2011

Purchasing a Monument Ahead of Time

Today many families and individuals choose to pre-arrange their end of life care. And, while such arrangements commonly include a fuenral service, they may also include honorary services such as creating and placing a monument.

Because monuments are accepted as universal symbols of rememberance and honor, they play an important role in the way we memorialize our loved ones. And, if you are particular about what a memorial in your honor will look like, it may be a good idea to arrange for it ahead of time.

When designing a monument for yourself it is important to begin with a solid piece of inspiration. Perhaps you have seen a stone you like in the cemetery or in the showroom. Or, perhaps you enjoy a certain color, religion, or hobby. If so, you need to communicate your ideas to our staff to ensure that the memorial is designed as a lasting tribute to you.

If you or a loved one are interested in designing a memorial on a pre-need basis, please contact the staff at Emerson Monument Company today, where it is our pledge to provide the highest quality service at the most reasonable price.

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