Thursday, July 15, 2010

Timeless Treasures

A few days ago I was driving on Water Tower Rd. in Bentonville when I happened accross a historic cemetery called Maxwell/Mt. Eden Cem. It is nestled under the trees behind College Place Subdivision and would go unnoticed if you were not looking for it. While walking this particular cemetery I noticed the way family names used to be done on monuments and wanted to share that style with you.

Looking at this stone you will notice that it is what we refer to as a "polish 3". Polish 3 means that the front, back, and very top of the stone are polished (i.e. smooth and shiny) while the sides are rough and rocky. This particular family apparently decided to take advantage of this polish 3 monument by have raised letters engraved for their family name, "Alfrey".

Although this style is not as common in modern days as it was years ago, it certainly may still be done today. If you would like this done to your monument just ask for a polish 3 straight top monument with raised letters on the top. This style may also be done on an oval top and a slightly slanted top for increased visibility.

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